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“Leadership without perspective and point of view isn’t leadership – and of course it must be your own perspective, your own point of view. You cannot borrow a point of view any more than you can borrow someone else’s eyes. It must be authentic, and if it is, it will be original, because you are original.” Warren Bennis


The purpose of personal consulting is to help executives maximize their potential and capacities as managers and leaders in the organization.

Senior managers must contend with continuous and numerous challenges. They are expected to achieve organizational goals and results under complex, uncertain and competitive conditions. To succeed managers must have the ability to lead and influence subordinates, colleagues, managers and multiple stakeholders both within and outside the organization.

These challenges are inherent in every managerial position, yet managers address them in their own unique way based on personality, strengths and constraints.

Personal consulting helps executives examine their performance through day-to-day dilemmas, manager/colleague/subordinate assessments and analysis of leadership and coping styles.

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