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Shared Leadership

“Our highly connected world demands that executive teams have a clear grasp of the implications of their actions, their words, and their perceptions.” Bob Moritz

This workshop is specifically designed to help management teams harness the power of ‘shared leadership’ and develop a mutual mindset of a ‘leading management’.

In a VUCA world in which organizations face complex and unstructured problems, effective leadership is no longer only a matter of competent individual leaders. Rather, it is a collective act of leaders that combine their potential and focus on three important outcomes: Direction, Alignment, Commitment (D.A.C).

Based on this important understanding we designed a team-development workshop aimed at strengthening management’s leadership role and its capacity to impact the desired D.A.C outcomes.

The workshop creates a deep and broad active learning space in which the team can discover how to enhance D.A.C within the team and throughout the organization.

The workshop design incorporates unique and dynamic ‘leadership in action’ experiences into an intense and meaningful team process, bringing the organizational realm into the team sphere and inspiring breakthroughs.

In accordance with the managerial teams’ needs and gaps, we offer a modular design, giving different focus on the D.A.C elements.

*Based on: Drath, Wilfred H., et al. “Direction, alignment, commitment: Toward a more integrative ontology of leadership.” The Leadership Quarterly 19.6 (2008): 635-653.


  • Executive managements of small-medium organizations
  • Unit management teams in medium-large organizations
    • Clarifying and reaching agreement on the direction the team aspires to lead the organization/ unit.
    • Improving alignment and synergy within the team.
    • Cultivating trust and collaboration between team members.
    • Strengthening commitment to the team and its shared direction.
    • Enhancing the team’s ability to make courageous decisions, lead change and influence the unit and the organization.
    • Engaging in an exciting bonding experience.
  • Cultivates a high functioning ‘Leading Management’, that can steer the organization towards achieving its strategy in turbulent times
  • Creates organizational momentum and commitment in proceeding towards a clear and inspiring direction
  • Increases synchronization between different parts of the organization
  • Generates unified motion in the system


3-4 days

* Includes a Leadership in Action experience



Diagnosis of organizational direction 1:1 sessions – team leader and facilitator

Facilitator: participant Ratio

1 facilitator per management team

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