Chess – the game of queens

Gali Raz

March 8, 2020

Like every winter, it turned out that my youngest son got sick, and after a few days of complete boredom, he asked me to play something with him. He chose to play Chess, so I asked him to help me refresh my memory regarding the rules. My son explained the rules, and when he started talking about the King and Queen, I stopped him for a moment, realizing that a great opportunity has come my way...

As a woman CEO, of course, my first question was - What
characterizes the Queen? And why do you think it is less important than the

My son looked at me with his beautiful eyes and said: The Queen is not less important than the King! She is the strongest player on the board. She has many degrees of freedom to move; she can protect but also win/conquer. OK, I said, but still, the King is considered to be the most important tool, isn’t it so?

You know Mom, he told me, I think it's because Chess is a
very ancient game and many years ago the King was considered more important
than the Queen. But today, it's not like that! The Queen is strong and active;
she is not less important than the King. Perhaps it's time to reinvent a new
game but know that it really doesn't confuse me, he said.

I took a moment to rearrange my thoughts: maybe all the
hours I spent as a working mother and all my guilt feelings (yes, many queens
still have them...) pay off in those moments where you feel that you have
shaped the concept of a woman-leader a little differently in the eyes of your
child. And there is something really liberating for me to bring my ability and
to move freely on the "game board" of my life without feeling less
powerful or less respected, simply influencing and leading the way by using my
strengths and abilities as a woman and a leader.

OK, I told my son, so now explain to me - why do the white pieces always start the game? Oh boy, about this one in my next post...