A pioneer and leader in its field, for over 25 years the Institute for Quality Leadership has specialized in academic research and in the practical development of leaders and leadership in a variety of business, public and third sector organizations.
We help organizations unleash their potential to effectively make a difference.


In developing Leadership we focus on helping the organization define its relevant concept of leadership, and translating it into practical processes, tools and actions aimed at maximizing leadership potential and driving performance excellence.

In developing Leaders we focus on empowering people, helping them find their unique leadership style, and strengthening their passion to make an impact – internally and externally.


Our programs and interventions are all based on vast, state of the art knowledge and understanding of leadership, and on what it takes to lead in today’s global, complex, uncertain, ambiguous and ever-changing world.

Our programs and interventions are also designed to accommodate the unique needs of every organization and its leaders – based on true partnership and in-depth acquaintance and understanding of the organization.

We are deeply committed to delivering high value programs supported by a solid operational infrastructure, to ensure that all our programs are seamlessly coordinated and carried out as planned.


Our facilitators are seasoned experts in the areas of leadership development and organizational effectiveness. We focus on empowering individuals, helping them find their leadership core and essence.


Our global capability and infrastructure enables us to work with you wherever you may need us around the globe. Our head offices are located in Israel and the US.