Leadership Core Program (LCP)

The Art of Leadership

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams

LCP is our flagship foundational program, aimed at enhancing personal and organizational effectiveness, functionality and productivity.
The program is designed to unlock the leadership potential of your managers so they can make a significant impact across the organization.
Based on cutting-edge field and scientific leadership models, LCP offers your organization an opportunity to step forward and become a leading force in our dynamic and rapidly changing world.

This foundation program focuses on all managers at a certain organizational level in order to create ‘unified organizational motion’. As a core program LCP goes ‘wide and deep’. It encompasses a broad range of ‘art of leadership’ elements, while encouraging the participants to explore and shape their leadership role and identity.

As a multi-layered program LCP is designed to progress through the following building blocks:

  • Core mindset and presence
  • The art of meaningful relationships
  • The art of releasing potential
  • The art of connectivity & collaboration
  • The art of disruption & change

* Based on these core concepts the program can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization and the participating management level.

  • Mid to senior-level managers
  • First line managers (FLM)- with seniority and after participating in a previous FLM program

* Groups are comprised of managers from the same organizational level

    • Accelerating growth in contending with complex next-level challenges.
    • Being part of a community of High-Potential leaders.
    • Receiving access and exposure to macro-level business issues and enhancing system level influence.
    • Stretching leadership capacities and challenging personal comfort zone.
    • Deepening awareness to personal core- identify the unique path and purpose and amplifying the passion to lead and make a difference.
    • Strengthen the ability to dare and to lead change and disruption.
  • Develops managers as leaders who inspire, motivate and make a difference.
  • Creates a strong community of leaders, working in collaboration and in alignment.
  • Grows leaders who can boldly initiate change and disruption in the system.
  • Releases your organization’s growth and innovation potential.
  • Increases organizational effectiveness and resilience.

Mid-Level Leaders/ Advanced FLM

Senior-level leaders


5-7 days

* Includes a 1-day Leadership in Action experience

8 days

* Includes a 1-day Leadership in Action experience

Individual sessions

2 sessions, 1:1 with facilitator

3-4 sessions, 1:1 with facilitator

Facilitator: participant Ratio



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