Leadership in Action

Experiential Learning

Leadership in Action is an upgraded ODT (outdoor training) experience packed with energy and structured uncertainty. It is grounded in the understanding that stepping out of the traditional work space enables new learning to emerge. The program is designed with intense, creative and playful tasks that reflect the complexity of organizational situations and leadership roles. This exceptional action-oriented experience is followed by a profound and meaningful reflection and feedback phase that enables participants to explore their personal influence style as well as group influence dynamics, and to connect the insights gained to the workplace.

Throughout the process participants inquire into different aspects of leadership, such as releasing others’ potential, creating impact and forging collaborations. The workshop also enables participants and groups to discover their responses to different and unfamiliar situations, stretching them outside their comfort zone and cultivating meaningful insights.


Program Structure:

  • Phase 1 – An exciting and fun-filled ‘experiential lab’ exploring leadership through a sequence of novel and challenging tasks that take place in open and changing spaces, including urban locations and in nature.
  • Phase 2 – An intimate processing phase allowing participants to reflect on their experiences, provide and receive authentic feedback and gather insights about leadership.

Our task design principles:

  • An out-of-the-ordinary experience
  • Influencing others is cardinal to fulfilling the task
  • Stretches people to step out of their comfort zone
  • Simulates aspects of ‘true life’ influence experiences and dilemmas
  • Adapted and relevant to organizational and context challenges

* Can be carried out as a stand-alone workshop, or as a module within a larger program.



Leaders and leadership teams from all organizational levels.

    • Increasing self-awareness and identifying personal leadership style.
    • Exploring individual limits and barriers to self-development.
    • Enhancing the ability to face uncertain and complex situations, outside of comfort zone.
    • Developing effective interpersonal and leadership capacities.
    • Deepening authentic relationships and a sense of belonging within a leadership community.
    • Understanding how to apply key learning in the organizational role.
  • Develops the leader’s capacity to influence and make a difference in the organization, individually and collectively.
  • Strengthens effectiveness in leading within a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) context.
  • Broadens partnerships and trusted relationships within the organization.
  • Builds a resilient network of leaders.
  • Infuses leadership energy and a ‘can do’ spirit.


  • 2 days for mid-senior level managers
  • 1 day for first line managers (FLM)

* Recommended, can be adapted

Facilitator: participant Ratio


* Includes an outdoor expert

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