Global Leadership

Weaving the Global Network

This program is best suited for organizations operating in a global context, looking to develop their leaders together across regions and functions. It is especially designed to address local, regional and global leadership challenges, while also providing a space for individual development within these contexts.

The program design is unique and based on a combination of face to face and virtual sessions that simulate reality, are interdependent and complement each other. The groups are formulated based on regions/locations and connect through a collaborative experiential learning platform as well as virtual cross-group sessions. This enables participants to gain multiple points of view, examine different and clashing perspectives and build a global network of leaders in the organization.

The program addresses topics such as:

  • Building both close and distant, face to face and virtual relationships
  • Adopting system thinking and a global mindset
  • Creating inclusion for multiple identities in the global workforce
  • Leveraging diversity and the ‘power of networks’
  • Moving from a solo leadership display to a ‘Shared Leadership’ configuration
  • Forming high quality partnerships, collaborations and ‘leading managements’
  • Creating impact in the system and leading change



Mid to senior-level leaders facing challenges in the complex, dynamic and global organizational context.

    • Fortifying personal leadership backbone and personal resilience.
    • Enhancing the ability to build meaningful relationships in a local and global context.
    • Expanding circles of influence and their scope in a diverse organization.
    • Broadening the personal organizational network.
    • Expanding organizational knowledge and system understanding.
    • Learning the art and skills of leading together
  • Creates a broad systemic impact to advance your organizational effectiveness.
  • Builds organizational resilience by forming a strong leadership network.
  • Cultivates innovation by breaking ‘silos’ and creating new opportunities.
  • Develops the leaders’ global mindset and inclusive approach.
  • Promotes a shared leadership language and practice.

Face-to-Face Sessions

6-7 days

Virtual Sessions

  • 4 facilitated sessions
  • 2 peer-group sessions in small groups

* All sessions are cross-regional

Individual Sessions

3 one-on-one sessions with facilitator.

Facilitator:Participant ratio


Group Composition

Regional groups of 10-12 participants

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