Leadership Quests

Experiential Learning

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” John Maxwell


To reach peak performance and shape the future individuals must connect to their origins, core and passion- bridging past, present and future.

We offer a meaningful quest to explore individual or/and team purpose, aspirations, uniqueness, strengths and boundaries.

The Quest takes place in inspiring settings, triggering deep learning and connectivity. Throughout the experience we pause along the way to dive deeply into transformational questions and to extract profound insights.

For leaders

We take participants on a revealing Quest in pursuit of their passion to lead. This includes discovering one’s leadership life journey, connecting to personal roots, strengthening leadership core and looking into the horizon. We embark on the Quest as a group, enabling each participant to follow his/her own path, accompanied by companions.

For teams

We offer teams a unique experience exploring their ‘togetherness’ and formulating their shared agreements, values and goals. During the Quest close interactions are formed within the team, allowing for novel/new ideas and opportunities to emerge.

*The Quest can be integrated into various organizational events and programs.


Leaders and leadership teams from all organizational levels.


    For individual participants and teams

    • Taking time to reflect and create momentum for change.
    • Challenging underlying assumptions and break away from dysfunctional paradigms.
    • Connecting to personal/ team core and refine future direction.
    • For teams- building a unified and committed team.
  • Grows transformational leaders and teams.
  • Develops focused leaders and teams with a strong backbone.
  • Strengthens trust and resilience and enables new relationships to emerge.
  • Creates a solid baseline for strategy and future actions.


1-2 days

Facilitator: participant Ratio


* Includes an outdoor expert

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