Shaping Organizational Leadership

Design and Implementation

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” Warren Bennis

Our leadership development consulting enables you to leverage and expand your organization’s collective leadership capacity. We create value for organizations by bridging the practice and science of leadership development and shaping a strong leadership culture.

Developing and implementing a shared culture and leadership identity throughout the organization is key to leveraging organizational effectiveness, generating innovation, unleashing organizational competitive advantage, and creating multiple breakthroughs.

Use us to help you:

  • Develop your organization’s leadership identity by defining and building collective leadership, networks and communities of practice and enabling groups to engage in shared learning and influence together.
  • Develop your leaders by empowering them in their leadership roles and engaging them in their role as organizational leaders, thereby releasing their potential to create a significant impact.

How can we support your organization?

  • We help you formulate a leadership strategy stemming from your organizational strategy.
  • We guide you in designing an effective and sustainable system to support your leadership strategy and enable leadership to emerge.
  • We partner with your organization to help you create a customized leadership model along with shared concepts and language, based on in-depth diagnosis of your organizational purpose, context, strategy and tasks.
  • We design processes and innovative platforms to spread the leadership language across organizational boundaries and build shared understandings, agreements and commitments.
  • We design customized leadership programs to develop the mindset and skillset of leaders at all levels of your organization compatible with your specific organizational leadership model & language.
  • We provide individual consultation to HR, L&D/OD professionals and to executives.
  • We support and facilitate steering committees to catalyze breakthroughs.
  • High-potential experienced leaders
  • Mid-level leaders to senior executives, as a follow-up program

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