Workshops and Lectures

Short and Powerful

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” John F. Kennedy

We design and facilitate workshops and lectures as catalysts for leadership transformations in your organization, based on cutting edge leadership knowledge and practices.

Owing to our partnership with multiple and diverse organizations we are able to recognize shifting trends in organizational environments and integrate them into our products and services. Thus, our workshops and lectures are both relevant and innovative, centering on leadership focuses we identify as critical for leaders and organizations in the current VUCA environment

Our workshops are short programs, focused on a specific leadership theme. We create engaging experiential learning modules alongside structured practical and hands-on take away learning. All workshops are designed to boost personal and collective leadership effectiveness and to create an interactive space for growth.

Workshops range from 1-3 days depending on the subject and your organizational needs. Among the workshops we offer:

  • Leading innovation
  • Leadership from a network perspective
  • Leading disruption
  • Fortifying resilience
  • Building a foundation of trust
  • Leadership in times of crisis
  • The leader as people developer

    Our lectures combine theory, vivid examples and practical exercises. We keep your employees engaged and inspired through interactive platforms and breakthrough questions. Among our lecture topics:

    • Leadership from a network perspective
    • VUCA leadership
    • The passion and responsibility of leading
    • Leading innovation
    • Fortifying resilience
    • The courage to make a difference
    • Leadership in times of crisis

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