The Leadership Incubator

Through the Looking Glass

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Aristotle

This is a ‘deep dive’ program for accelerated growth, enabling a leap into personal leadership development in a safe and nurturing space.

The program is based on several key principles:

1- ‘Know thyself’ as the starting point of a personal development journey.

2- The group as a developmental springboard- harnessing the wisdom of the group and the power of peer learning through different and even clashing perspectives

3- Involvement of HR professionals and the participants’ managers in supporting and boosting learning within your organizational context.


As a baseline for personal growth, each participant begins with an individual development plan (IDP) that is refined and honed throughout the program.

To enable deep learning through both individual and group inquiry, we provide a variety of innovative and energizing platforms, among them:

  • Leadership Quest
  • Leadership in Action – unique Outdoor experience
  • Hall of Mirrors – intense group feedback sessions providing inputs related to the IDPs
  • Collecting inputs from significant others
  • Peer coaching and shadowing
  • High-potential experienced leaders
  • Mid-level leaders to senior executives, as a follow-up program
    • Receiving a springboard for personal leadership development.
    • Deepening awareness of authentic leadership purpose, style, strengths and gaps.
    • Enhancing the ability to lead and influence individuals and teams.
    • Building a development mindset and cultivate the capacity to grow others.
    • Strengthening leadership presence and resilience.
    • Increasing role effectiveness within the organizational context.
  • Accelerates focused and practical leadership development adapted to the individual’s organizational role and context.
  • Builds a resilient and effective network of leaders.
  • Increases readiness of leaders to learn with and from others.
  • Enhances lateral influence within the organizational network.
  • Promotes a development culture by fostering a development mindset that will diffuse throughout the organization.


6-8 days

* Including experiential learning (Leadership in Motion) activities

Individual sessions

3 sessions, 1:1 with facilitator

Facilitator: participant Ratio


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